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Friday, October 7, 2011

Homeschooling...why I almost didn't do it

I have heard it said before that God does not call the equipped that He equips the called.  I have heard those words before, and believed them to be true.  However, when I stumbled into uncharted territory, set out on a path doing something that scared me, challenged my faith, stretched my ability, and made me question if I was following His will or mine, I began to understand this on a new level. 

When my son was born about five and a half years ago I felt a strong pull to quit my job in the white-collar banking world and start a home day care so I could be with him.  Through some twists and turns the timing and circumstances were not right and while I longed to be with him, I had to continue working full time outside the home.  In the next couple years, my life changed and I was able to be with him full time, his new little brother, and little sister that would follow.  Well, five years and three beautiful babies later, I felt the pull again, this time to educate my children at home.  I read all the books, prayed about it, and after many discussions with my husband, we decided that homeschooling would be an excellent option for our family.  Then...just like it always crept the doubt.  And the questioning, and anxiety, worry, fear, and before long I had convinced myself that the very last thing we should do is home school the kids. 

A few months went by and I had the opportunity to travel across the country to a conference to listen to a Christian business woman that I have much respect for.  So, there I am many miles from home , away from my babies, and dragging a breast-pump around town.  And He lays this on my heart again.  I want you to home school your children.  And here is why God, I can't because of this, and that, and oh, that other thing.  And I proceeded to offer up all the reasons that it wouldn't work, why it didn't make sense, and reminded Him of how I had already made up my mind.  

The funny thing about God is how patient He is with us.  I cannot imagine being so patient with someone so stubborn, and unwilling to submit.  However, thank goodness, He is patient and sure does love this broken woman.  So, I quieted myself for a bit and realized that I had ignored His calling for me for months.  He had already told me what He wanted me to do, had anointed it, and I had added (with the enemy's help...fear being the first and most powerful weapon) a huge layer of reasons why I could not do what God had put upon my heart.

So, here I am, striking out in uncharted territory, with a meager plan, provisions, and a lot of hope and faith.  And I am finding something amazing out in the process.  The peace that comes from following Him, and His guidance for my life is amazing.  I have no idea how it all comes to pass, how it all works out and sometimes how I am able to do this, but I am.  And that I have found, thankfully, is good enough for me.  He no longer needs to prove Himself to me, or show me miracles and wonders to reassure this wayward daughter that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.  I am living it, and I cannot imagine a day without His anointing on my life and the path in front of me.  And I am forever thankful for that trip that took me across the country, away from my family, but face to face with the calling He had for me all along.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Indoor "sand" box without the sand!

I love this idea and this was so easy to put together..initially I was thought of oatmeal but after chatting with my fellow homeschooling Mom's this week (great idea Liz!) opted for beans instead.  I used an "under the bed" type storage container so two or more kiddos could play in it at once.  I put a couple inches of pinto beans in the bottom...

Added (I knew I kept these when making a pot of soup this weekend for a reason!) a bunch of recycled cans, and our measuring cups and spoons so we can incorporate measurement while having fun.

 Some toys as well, and my kiddos had so much fun with this! And the best part, when we are done playing, the lid goes on and I can store it just about anywhere.  Great fine motor activity, and we were able to incorporate some math too while having I just need to keep making things like this until it stops raining here in the about seven months from now.
Have fun!

Shabby wall vase

Ohhhhhh this was fun to make!!!! I love all things shabby and have seen similar ideas for wall candle holders with a few modification (and no power tools) this is my version:

 I started out with a piece of wood from the thrift store, you can also purchase a square of wood at your local craft store or usually have a piece cut from a board at a home improvement store.  My local home improvement store charges .25 per cut (first two free) I have used this service many times over the years when I know I am going to build a garden bench, or make some wooden signs etc...anyhow..back to the shabbyness:
 If the wood has not been painted before, no need to sand just pick a fave acrylic paint and paint the wood, let it dry and (I love a sandpaper covered sanding block from the hardware store but a piece of sandpaper..not too course is good too) and start scrubbing! The more shabby the better, if the wood looks like your great auntie painted it then hung it outside for twenty years, then you have a nice, shabby base for your piece...
 I really did not want to deal with drilling holes this day so I used a large screw-eye and inserted it in the wood where I wanted the "vase" to hang. I also inserted two smaller screw-eyes and a piece of wire on the top to hang it by, you can use the picture hangers with teeth to hang too.
 Next, I wound my craft wire around the top of my jar (I was feeling sassy so I used an old salsa jar, a canning jar or anything with a good lip in it will work so the wire is secure...
 Attached the wired jar to the board.....
 And filled with flowers of course! This has taken up residence in kind of a boring spot in my entry way that now is super shabby and greets all as they come inside.
Happy crafting!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Easy chic scarf

There are so many beautiful scarves out there right now at the stores, and many come with a hefty price tag too.  Not only do I want to make this scarf, but it would make a wonderful gift as well.  Everyone loves something handmade and every time they are asked where they got it, they can mention your fabulous name of here for the tutorial, thank you Sewing in no mans land!

Shabby picture it!

This is a great idea and pretty affordable too...thank you Shanty2Chic a great gift idea or just something beautiful for the home, click here for the tutorial.

Burlap rose picture frame

Thank you again Shanty2Chic for more fabulous ideas love this so much click here for the directions...happy crafting!

DIY Cupcake stand

I LOVE this cupcake stand and I also love the Shanty 2 Chic blog....check out the tutorial here and you could get so crazy with this!