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Friday, August 26, 2011

August 23, 2011

Today Logan classified bugs by color and if the bug could crawl or fly (or both).  We discussed the protective shell many insects have as natural form of protection against predators.  We used the Busy Bugs Learning Set.

We worked on opposite concepts again and read aloud together the words at the bottom of each card.

After watching our sprouting beans continue to grow in our kitchen window, we were inspired to read Jack and The Beanstalk.  I must admit it has been quite a few years since I read that book and it is fairly violent by today's standards for what children read.  Then again it's nothing compared to much of what is on TV and video games.  We agreed that Jack indeed has other options besides lying and stealing in which to provide food for his family.

The question of nocturnal animals came up and we researched nocturnal animals online.  Logan realized the noisy up-all-night rats we have (Patsy and Cookie) are nocturnal.  Luckily, they reside in Mandy's room. We studied the Tarsier from Southeast Asia (it looks like a bug-eyed lemur with frog-like feet) which is nocturnal and kind of cute and a bit creepy at the same time.  In addition to learning about sharks and what wasps eat.

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