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Monday, September 26, 2011

Easy Fall Pillow

While I called this a Fall Pillow, it could be made out of any type of fabric and altered to fit the season, or your decorating style.  Super is what I did:

Start by covering a pillow form you already have or a new pillow form with your fabric of choice.  I used a fun fall print that would coordinate with my fall colors.  Next I used about six squares of brown craft felt, cutting them in half lengthwise and scalloping one long edge that would be the outside of the flower.  I then sewed the ends together so I had one long scalloped piece of felt to create my flower out of.  From there I circled the felt around on the pillow until I liked the placement and size of the flower.  I then stitched it together and also to the front of the pillow.  I did use a bit of hot glue (yes...when you are addicted to hot glue it must be present in every project possible) to get the look just right.  I attached a fun, big button to pull the colors all together in the center and now I have a super cute pillow that I am trying to keep my kids from eating.

                                     Happy Crafting and send me pics of the pillows you come up with!

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