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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The humble bean

To round out our unit study on plants, I decided to try an activity I had read about.  We soaked some kidney beans overnight, and the next day removed the skin from the beans and split them open.  We had already sprouted beans weeks before which at this point had grown over 9 inches tall (see picture below) and been watering them and tracking their growth. 
We were amazed to see the tiny "baby plant" inside of the bean, waiting to either be planted and become a new plant, or eaten by bean loving folks like us.

I have found that we can incorporate scientific hypothesis, prediction, observation, reading skills, measurement, and have some fun while performing even the most simple experiments. 

Break out your rulers, paper and some simple supplies that you already have on hand and explore the wonderful world of science and home schooling...happy learning!

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