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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home School field trip to Bizi Farms

Our field trip day to a great local spot, Bizi Farms.  Wonderful market during the warm months, and in the fall a huge pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay rides etc...We will be going back for that in a few weeks.  I discovered with my daughter many years ago that an adventure did not need to cost very much and could include a destination that most would not think was adventure-worthy.  However, I believe life is little about what actually happens and mostly about what you do with what you have.  So, we began to look for fun and adventure in the simple things, and found that doing this we learned a lot about each other and what is really important. 

Ok, who can resist a fabulous armload of fresh cut dahlias?  I love the vibrant array of color, shape and design.  Thank you Lord for the beauty that you have left for us to enjoy...and, not a bad lesson in art/color and science for the "students" too.

Mama hen was busy in the September heat today, digging out a cool spot under the flowers for her and her sweet babies.  The boys loved watching her work and asking questions about what she was doing.  I have not mentioned keeping chickens yet in my blog, but it is coming.  I have a dream of having more space than suburbia offers when we are able.  The freedom for the kids to run and roam (I grew up on a small farm/orchard and I miss it) and learn a whole lot about taking care of animals, respecting what has been entrusted to you, and good old hard work

The boys each doing some shopping for fresh fruit and veggies at the market.  We ended up with Hermiston cantaloupe, beautiful apples, peaches, sweet corn, juicy cherry tomatoes and of course some fresh blueberries.  I continue to find that teachable moments lie in the simple parts of our lives when running a home, watering a garden, cooking a meal or curling up together with a stack of books to read together.  These are the times that they ask "why" and if I wasn't with them answering all of their questions and encouraging them to question and learn to love learning, who would be? Would they continue to have this wild curiosity that consumes my day sometimes, would they keep their wonder and excitement over finding a cool spider in the backyard? Or would it possibly slowly slip away as they began to act more like their peers in an effort to fit in as a form of survival?

I thank the Lord every day that I have the amazing blessing to be with my children and teach them. 
What happens when we turn the TV off, get out of the house and go someplace fun? We learn, we learn about our planet, and our Creator, and what makes flowers grow, and what is inside a seed, and what bees do all day, and, and, and.....

Today's bounty.  We covered just about every subject today, we learned about science when we studied the mama hen and her babies, discussed the different types of broccoli at the farm, and cut the flowers down and arranged them in a vase.  We worked on math when we shopped in the market for our fruit and veggies, and most importantly we learned together and had a wonderful day. 

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