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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Indoor "sand" box without the sand!

I love this idea and this was so easy to put together..initially I was thought of oatmeal but after chatting with my fellow homeschooling Mom's this week (great idea Liz!) opted for beans instead.  I used an "under the bed" type storage container so two or more kiddos could play in it at once.  I put a couple inches of pinto beans in the bottom...

Added (I knew I kept these when making a pot of soup this weekend for a reason!) a bunch of recycled cans, and our measuring cups and spoons so we can incorporate measurement while having fun.

 Some toys as well, and my kiddos had so much fun with this! And the best part, when we are done playing, the lid goes on and I can store it just about anywhere.  Great fine motor activity, and we were able to incorporate some math too while having I just need to keep making things like this until it stops raining here in the about seven months from now.
Have fun!

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