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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Burlap Wreath

I must admit that I am probably not as detailed as I should be in the post, while these are instructions it is not really a tutorial.  However, if you are even mildly can make this blindfolded and while paying bills and making dinner.

1. Start out with a plain wreath, you can use grapevine, or any kind of basic wreath that you can glue the burlap to.
2. Cut about 15-20 (depending on how large your wreath is) 6" squares out of burlap.
3. Fold each square into a smaller square (in half then half again) and glue each burlap fold in a circular pattern around the wreath.
4. Decorate with any sort of pre-made Fall picks, ribbon, felt flowers and leaves (super easy to cut out and sew around the edges with black embroidery floss), raffia, with your glue gun. 
5. Glue a loop or ribbon or raffia on the back and hang to enjoy your fabulous new wreath!

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